Centrifugal Pumps:

All centrifugal pumps for boiler feer, cooling, condensate and water treatment. Pumps from small plastic material to concrete pumps for large water service. Pumps for turbine oil recirculation.

Sump pumps, multi stage pumps, vertical turbine pumps, submersible dewatering.

Piston pumps: Triplex or multiplex piston and plunger pumps for , shower, and high pressure services. Energy recovery systems.
Rotary pumps: Screw, gear, rotary vane pumps. Mono screw type for dirty liquids. Heavy fuel and viscous liquids. Dewatering services.
Vaccum and jet pumps:

Vacuum and jet pumps, liquid ring vaccum pumps. Vaccum pump systems for condensate service.

Blowers for gas and vapor recovery and use of biogass for energy production.

Dosing pumps and systems:
Dosing and metering diaphragm pumps, for chemical dosing and chlorination.
Valves: Control valves and gate, check valves. Minimum flow by pass valves. Desuperheaters.
Basket strainers: Basket strainers, Y strainers, automatic Bernouli filters.
Heat exhangers: All types of heat exchangers, deaerators and special vessels.
Eletric motors: Low, Medium and High voltage AC motors. Variable speed controls.
Mixers: Tank mixers, horizontal or vertical mounted, stock mixers and agitators.
Piston compressors, liquid ring compressors, complete compressor packages for instrument air, gases up to 400 bar pressures. Complete trains, with dryers, heat exchangers, cooling systems.

Centrifugal blowers, fan blowers, positive displacement blowers. From cold air to hot exhaust gases in special execution.

Turbomachinery services: Spare parts and services for gas and steam turbines, as well as large turbomachinery.

We offer sewage and waste water treatment packages, Reverse osmosis and water purification systems.