screw airpol
Main Applications: PET, Refineries & Petro-chemical, Power plants, Water hammer, Steel Plants, Mining, Paper Mills, Food Processing, Water treatment.
Capacity: From 10 cum/hr to 2000 cum/hr ( Max power 200 KW  )
Pressure: Up to 40 bar
Maximum Speed: 1000 rpm (50 Hz)
Maximum Pressure: Up to 40 bar
Temperature: Standard
Execution: With electric motor and VFD
Options: Dryer, Cooling tower, Air tanks, instrumentation and control.
Prime Mover: Motor
Materials: Cast Iron, Carbon steel
Bearing Options: Antifriction Bearings
Lubrication: Foreced feed Oil lubrication
Sealing: Special seals and rings.

We undertake intallation of compressor, dryer, piping, pumps, cooling towers, filters, controls and variable speed drives.