Gear Pumps

Main Applications: Oil, Refineries & Petro-chemical, Power plants, Water Supply, plastics, Paper Mills, Food Processing, WWTP, Bitumen, Oil and asphalts, Paints and all viscous fluids.
Capacity: From 0 cum/hr to 1500 cum/hr adjustable
Maximum Speed: Standard 1500 RPM, Adjustable via gear, or Variable speed drives.
Maximum Pressure: Up to 120 bar in standard materials.
Temperature: Standard 180 deg C ( Special up to 400 deg C )
Execution: Pumps can be connected in series to pump different liquids with one motor, special mixing solutions, up to 6 different liquids.
Options: Gear or lobe designs. Jacketed, double wall executions.
Prime Mover: Motor, diesel or steam turbines.
Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Special alloys.
Bearing Options: Antifriction Bearings, external and internal bearings.

Oil or grease.

Sealing: Mechanical seals, packing.

Pumps available in  API-676 specifications, for all high viscosity process fluids, dirty liquids, paints and all viscous fluids.