Main Applications: Refineries & Petro-chemical, Power plants, PET Blowing, Gas compression, Vapor recovery.
Capacity: From 400 cum/hr to 3,200 cum/hr ( Max power 1 MW  )
Pressure: Up to 400 bar
Maximum Speed: 1000 rpm (50 Hz)
Temperature: Standard air or for hot gases.
Execution: With water or air cooled motors.
Options: Complete compressor stations, cooling towers, dryers, piping, controls.
Prime Mover: Motor
Materials: Cast Iron, Carbon steel
Bearing Options: Antifriction Bearings
Lubrication: Forced feed Oil lubrication
Sealing: Special fruorocarbon sealing elements.

We undertake intallation of compressor, dryer, piping, pumps, cooling towers, filters, controls and variable speed drives.

We provide service, valve refurbishment, scrapper parts, spares for all large high pressure compressors.