Main Applications: Power plants, Refineries, Oil, Marine, Petro-chemical., Steel Plants, Treatment plants, Flare Gas, Landfill gas recovery, FGD.
Discharge Sizes: Depending on vacuum or pressure service.
Capacity: Depending on vacuum or pressure service.
Maximum Speed: Jet pumps are static, available for steam or liquid.
Maximum Pressure: Jet pumps are available for vacumm or pressure service.
Temperature: Steam services for 300 deg C or higher.

Complete packages with jet only or in combination with liquid ring vacuum pumps. Engineered to order solutions.

Options: Vaccum, pressure or hybrid systems.
Prime Mover: Not required, only liquid or steam for charging.
Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, Special alloys.
Bearing Options: Not required
Lubrication: Not required
Sealing: Not required

Jet pumps can greatly enhance vacuum systems and in vapor recovery services can save energy.