Main Applications:
Power plants, Oil, Refineries & Petro-chemical. Water Supply, Irrigation,  Steel Plants,  Mining, Paper Mills, Food Processing,Building Services, Air-conditioning (HVAC), Treatment plants,Desalination Plants, Fire Fighting. 
Capacity: From 20 cum/hr to 55000 cum/hr ( Max power 55 MW  )
Head: Up to 2500 m
Maximum Speed: 3000 rpm (50 Hz), 3600 rpm (60 Hz)
Maximum Pressure: Up to 250 bar
Temperature: Standard 80 deg C ( up to 200 deg C )
Execution: Vertical execution with or without speed control (mechanical or electrical)
Options: Vertical in line, Vertical turbine pumps, Vertical barrel pumps, special concrete pumps for hydrelectric plants, fire pumps, industrial pumps, sump pumps for dirty liquids.
Prime Mover: Motor, Diesel Engine, RAG drive.
Materials: Cast Iron, ductile iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Stainless Steel, special alloys, concrete.
Bearing Options: Antifriction Bearings
Lubrication: Grease or Oil or forced feed lubrication
Sealing: Mechanical Seal or Packing

Standard designs are per ISO, HI, API-610, with seal flush plan.

Larger pumps of special design, metal or concrete for cooling water ang hydro services. Reverse running pumps for power production. Sump pumpsfor disrty liquids per API-610.