Compressors liquid ring

Main Applications: Power plants, Steel Plants,  Mining, Paper Mills, Refineries, Fuel loading, vapor recovery.
Capacity: From 10 cum/hr to 2000 cum/hr ( Max power 1000 KW  )
Pressure: Up to 10 bar
Maximum Speed: 3000 rpm (50 Hz)
Maximum Pressure: Up to 10 bar
Temperature: Standard 30 deg C
Execution: With electric motor and VFD
Options: Stand alone compressors or complete skids.
Prime Mover: Electic Motor, steam turbines or diesel engine.
Materials: Cast Iron, Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex SS, Special alloys.
Bearing Options: Antifriction Bearings
Lubrication: Oil or grease, forced feed lubrication.
Sealing: packing or mechanical seals, as required.

We deliver complete compressor packages for vapor recovery services for fuel loading and tanks. Combined compressor and steam jets for steam recovery.